January 29, 2014

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Annabelle and Charlie

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There’s always something really quite nice about having one of the weddings you’ve photographed featured on a blog like Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, a kind of friendly pat on the back from within the wedding industry which you can’t help but feel good about. It also makes my clients feel fantastic about their wedding day which is the most important thing to me by a long way. Here’s what Annabelle and Charlie had to say about their photographer, me! (I always get a bit nervous reading these, kind of feels like reading your school report when you were a kid!)

“Our wonderful photographer Paul was fantastic, and we are so pleased with the end result. We had a meeting about 6 weeks before the wedding at the church, and discussed ideas for the portraits. I was trying to come up with ideas for different backdrops, Paul was amazing saying that it was his job and not for me to worry about. As I was doing everything myself it was great to leave something to someone else for a change.”

When I read what Annabelle and Charlie had said I was of course really flattered, who doesn’t like to hear the word wonderful before their name : ) but what struck me was what Annabelle mentioned about our meeting in the run up to the day. It was a chat that hadn’t particularly stayed with me until I read what Annabelle had said but I’d like to discuss it a little bit here because I feel it actually gives quite a good insight in to how I work and what you can expect if I’m lucky enough to be your wedding photographer.

I always meet up with my couples in the weeks leading up to the wedding day. It’s a good time to meet as you will have most of your plans ready by that point and it gives me a good chance to get my own plan sorted and ready for action. The same was true for Annabelle and Charlie. We met on a hot August day at the beautiful church where they were to be married in the village of Vigo in Kent. It was clear from our meeting that it was going to be an incredible wedding (and so it was, take a look for yourself here). Annabelle had planned everything to perfection but I could sense that there was one thing she was a little bit worried about, where were we going to go for their portraits? It wasn’t like other weddings where their are gardens attached to the venue, their reception would be in Annabelle’s parents garden and we had the whole of the Kent countryside to choose from. We drove to a local nature park that Annabelle and Charlie knew about and had a look around but it wasn’t quite right, a lovely place, but just not quite right, they knew it and so did I. As we walked around and chatted I could tell that Annabelle was worried. It was then that we had the chat that she mentioned. You don’t need to worry about this Annabelle, trust me, this is what I am here to do. I could sense that it was what she needed to hear at that point, to know that she and Charlie didn’t have to worry about every single detail, this one they could leave to me. It’s part of the job, I spend many many hours exploring venues and the Kent countryside around them looking for those perfect locations to take your wedding photos. I think it’s one of the things that separates me from many other photographers. I want something truly special for you and your wedding and I won’t settle for anything less, I did the same for Annabelle and Charlie.

Bride in a wheat field at sunset holding her bouqet photographed by Kent wedding photographer Paul FullerBride in a kent wood following her weddingGroom tenderley kissing the forehead of his brideBride and Groom huggingBride and Groom overlooking the South Downs in KentShafts of light capturing a bride as she walks through a forest in KentBride and Groom walking towards the cameraWedding Photographer in Kent 008Wedding Photographer in Kent 009

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