October 5, 2011

Sofia / Kent Family Photography

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When Sofia’s mum Cintia contacted me and asked if I would take Sofia’s picture she told me that she wanted me to capture her baby as she is, no props, no gimmicks, just Sofia. So, we went to the park for an hour and I watched them play with their daughter, simple. That’s what I want my photography to be about, real people, real moments.

Cintia 10:46 October 6, 2011 Reply
Well done, Paul. They look wonderful!
Gracy Da Gama 13:50 October 6, 2011 Reply
Oh my gosh.. you all look beautiful.
admin 23:24 October 6, 2011 Reply
Thanks Cintia, I'm glad you like them!
Ed Peers 07:25 November 21, 2011 Reply
This is beautiful...
Gliciane 20:35 November 23, 2011 Reply
Que lindas fotos, linda família, que sejam sempre abençoados!!! LINDO, LINDO, LINDO!!!

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