June 26, 2013

Matt and Mary / Wedding Photography at Chartwell in Kent

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When you are a wedding photographer, especially a wedding photographer who works in the UK, you learn to live with whatever the weather throws at you. Rain, hail, snow, it’s all just  part of the job. Matt is British and Mary from the USA and they are both lucky enough to live in California, a place unaccustomed to too much rain. However, they chose to get married at the stunning Chartwell House in Kent, and in Kent we get a lot of the wet stuff. So, it was with little surprise that I woke up on the morning of Matt and Mary’s wedding to very dark skies and the customary Kentish summer drizzle. This isn’t something that would phase me usually but I knew Mary had her heart set on having their wedding ceremony outdoors. I fully expected that their plans would have to be changed and perhaps they may be a little disappointed, but as soon as I saw Mary arrive in her London black cab with a huge smile on her face I knew there was really nothing to worry about. I learnt a lot from Matt and Mary that day, not once did they complain about the weather, not once did they stop smiling. The day was about them and their love for each other, that’s what they were there to celebrate and nothing was going to stop them from enjoying every moment, it was an utterly inspiring thing to see.  The grey skies broke only once during the whole day. It will sound like I’m making this bit up but I swear to you I’m not. At the exact moment Matt lifted Mary’s veil to kiss her, the clouds parted for just a few seconds and the sun shone on them both. If you don’t believe me scroll down and look at the photos. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard the guests at a wedding audibly gasp and it actually gave me goose bumps as I took the photo. I asked them a bit later on if they had noticed the sun shining on them for those few seconds but neither of them had, I guess that at that moment they were focused only on one another.



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Elissa 21:02 June 27, 2013 Reply
Oh wow, these are beautiful. I really love all your B&Ws!
Hilary Mercer 21:46 June 27, 2013 Reply
Everyone looks so incredibly happy! I love to see that at weddings! My favorite is them under the arbor. Beautiful!
Ross 22:08 June 27, 2013 Reply
Quite simply: gorgeous! Love all of it.
kong wai 04:53 June 28, 2013 Reply
Love this so much. many beautiful moments
Stefanie 06:12 June 28, 2013 Reply
Love that first photo. And such a happy couple. this made me smile
don barrington 09:45 June 28, 2013 Reply
Super love your style paul. keep it up. ;)
Helena Amor 17:05 June 28, 2013 Reply
The soaking was worth it...beautiful!
Emily 17:53 June 28, 2013 Reply
Mary is so, so, radiant. I love how much joy there is in this whole set. I want to show this set of photos to any girl who ever gets anxious worrying about rain on their wedding day. It clearly didn't phase them here!
Kat Forsyth 23:13 June 28, 2013 Reply
Stunning, amazing, perfect coverage of this beautiful day! Mary is glowing and looks so happy in every shot. I was just thinking as I scrolled through how much I loved Mary's hairdo, and then when I saw the little cake-toppers made in their image I almost clapped. SO CUTE.
Mary 23:16 June 28, 2013 Reply
Hi Paul, thank you so much for our lovely wedding photos! The pictures are beautiful and they took us back to all the great moments of the day. :)
Peter 23:46 June 28, 2013 Reply
Anton Chia 01:36 June 29, 2013 Reply
Beautiful. Love the emotions.
alex and zee 09:56 June 29, 2013 Reply
Absolutely beautiful. What a fantastic day. You both are amazing.
admin 10:33 June 29, 2013 Reply
You are more than welcome Mary, it was my pleasure : )
Justin 11:03 July 1, 2013 Reply
Awesome wedding and you did a great job capturing it!
Char Pete Pete and Thom 13:38 July 1, 2013 Reply
What a beautiful collection of photos. Mary and Matt you both look radiant. It was wonderful to share tis very happy occasion with you. Char xx
John and Rosie 14:09 July 1, 2013 Reply
A lovely set of photos that immediately bring back memories of a very special day.
Jon Morgan 16:15 July 2, 2013 Reply
amazing work... love the emotions captured throughout the day
normawap@aol.com 20:34 July 15, 2013 Reply
It was a lovely wedding full of laughter and joy felt privileged to be part of it. The happiness of Matt and Mary was infectious God bless you both
Matthew Long 21:58 August 17, 2013 Reply
Really lovely work Paul, wow it was wet!

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