Mother holding her baby
Reflection in water of 2 kids playing on the beach
Father holding his daughter


So hey there, thank’s for stopping by!

That’s me up there,the squinty, slightly awkward looking guy holding the baby. There aren’t that many nice pictures of me because you’ll always find me hiding behind the camera (it’s a great excuse!) but hey I actually quite like that one!

And that’s my wife Claire and our 3 kids on a freezing cold beach on holiday somewhere in Devon.  We’ve not been on a “warm” holiday since our eldest son Aidan managed to traumatize an entire plane load of passengers when he was 18 months old, screaming quite literally the entire way to Spain. I can still hear the screaming in my dreams to this day, but we hope some day soon we’ll be able to experience that wonderful feeling of unbearably hot Spanish sand between our toes once more!

Chances are that as you’re reading this either me or Claire (or indeed both) will be chasing/wiping/sighing/pleading with at least one of our little angels but the truth is we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love them to our absolute bones, they’re our reason for being.

We’re pretty sure that’s the Fuller clan complete now, although I desperately want a dog and Claire desperately wants a kitten, at the moment there’s much debate in the house but we’ll just have to see who wins that one! (UPDATE: Claire won.)

Family Portrait of mother with her children playing on a beach in Kent

Well, I think it matters, and that if it matters more to you than spending thousands of pounds hiring a Rolls Royce or on a few extra decorations then we’re definitely on the same wavelength.

I think it can bring huge amounts of joy and allow you to relive moments that would otherwise be lost forever, I think it’s the one tangible thing left after the day is done.

I don’t think your wedding day should be one long photo shoot, I don’t think you should have to spend hours posing for endless family photos while you miss out on all the fun.

More than anything I believe you have to be truly present at your wedding, you have to take it in, that your photography should never get in the way of you truly experiencing it.

I think cheesy wedding photos should be banished to the history books, you know the kind, the kind where the photographer makes the couple put their hands together to form a love heart, they kind of make me sad. I won’t make you do that, I promise you, if I do, you can have your money back!

I think you can be a totally normal person. A person like everyone else, battling against their own self doubts, a person who thinks they look rubbish in photo’s and that they always will. I think you can be that person and look ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY amazing in your wedding photos, that you deserve to have wedding photo’s full of emotion, meaning and happiness.

That’s what I think about wedding photography, that’s what I believe completely.

If that sound’s like your cup of tea, well, you know what you need to do right?

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