Mother holding her baby
Reflection in water of 2 kids playing on the beach
Father holding his daughter

What the hell do I write here? Ok well here goes!

Paul Fuller Kent Photography is an elite wedding photography A-Team made up of, well, err, me.

Ok, Ok so maybe not a team then, more a lone photography ninja, you know, the strong silent type, trained in the ancient art of shutter speeds and aperture by his wise white bearded sen say, wandering the wilds of Kent, his aim in life, to avenge his sen say and to give super amazing people 4-500 photos worth of awesomeness from their wedding day.

Wow, ok , I’ve gone off track a bit, sorry!! I’m not really a ninja. That’s me up there ⇑ the squinty guy holding the baby, and that’s my wife Claire and our 3 kids on a freezing cold beach in Devon.  We’ve not been on a “warm” holiday since our eldest son Aidan traumatized a whole plane load of passengers when he was 18 months old, screaming quite literally the entire way to Spain. I can still hear the screaming in my dreams to this day, but we hope some day soon we’ll be able to experience that wonderful feeling of unbearably hot Spanish sand between our toes once more!

Chances are that as you’re reading this either me or Claire or indeed both will be chasing/wiping/sighing/pleading with at least one of our little angels and the truth is we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love them to our absolute bones, they’re our reason for being.

Family Portrait of mother with her children playing on a beach in Kent

Well, I think it matters, and that if it matters more to you than spending hundreds of pounds hiring a Rolls Royce or on a few extra decorations then we’re on the same wavelength.

I think it can bring huge amounts of joy and allow you to relive moments that would otherwise be lost forever.

I don’t think your wedding day should be one long photo shoot, I don’t think you should have to spend hours posing for endless family photos while you miss out on all the fun.

I think cheesy wedding photos should be banished to the history books, you know the kind, the kind where the photographer makes the couple put their hands together to form a love heart, they kind of make me sad. I won’t make you do that, I promise you, if I do, you can have your money back!

I think you can be a totally normal person. A person like everyone else, battling against their own self doubts, a person who thinks they look rubbish in photo’s and that they always will. I think you can be that person and look abso-freaking-lutely  amazing in your wedding photos, that you deserve to have wedding photo’s full of emotion, meaning and happiness.

That’s what I think about wedding photography, that’s what I believe completely.

Detail of the back of a brides wedding dress photographed at Tithe Barn in Lenham Kent



It will probably feel a bit weird at first and you may feel a bit nervous but give it a few minutes and I promise you’ll be surprised at how used to me and my camera being there you become.

Most of the morning you’ll probably be surprised at how calm you feel, but it’s usually about 30 minutes before the ceremony when the energy tends to change in the room, a bit quieter, a bit more nervous. But you know what, getting married should make your heart race, it’s totally normal.

Tip No.1

When your hair and makeup artist arrives in the morning ask them to set up your chair next to the biggest window in the room if possible. The natural light will make your photos so much better!

Tip No.2

It’s inevitable that the room will get a bit messy and that’s cool, I have 3 kids and am fully comfortable with mess, but maybe have someone prepped and ready to clean up a bit as and when needed.

Bride having her make up applied before her wedding ceremony

This is it, what it’s all really about.

The details, the cake, all the things you’ve spent 18 months planning, at this point none of it really matters.

6 years of being a wedding photographer means that I have a pretty kick ass sixth sense of where I need to be and when to get the best photos possible. That’s what you are hiring me for.

I can promise you, after the wedding it will feel like a bit like a blur. I can remember Claire arriving, I can remember turning to look at her and trying to catch myself, the rest is just flashes of moments. Couples will often say to me how their wedding photos brought back moments to them that they would have otherwise totally forgotten.

Tip No.3

Walking down the aisle, the temptation in the heat of the moment can be to rush, but take it slowly, take it in.

Bride and Groom's first kiss after their Kent wedding

People hire me for my natural images, the way I capture genuine moments.

They will nearly always say that they hate the idea of spending ages posing for group shots but most people still want a few of the traditional family shots which is absolutely fine with me.

The most important thing for me is that you enjoy the day, if that happens then the wedding photos will just flow. So here’s how we get the group shots done so you can get back to the party!

Groom posing for group photo with bridesmaids

Keep your shot list to about 6-8 photos. As an estimate we will need about 4-5 minutes for each set up. This can vary depending on factors such as the layout of the venue but as an estimate that’s pretty close. I promise you that after 20 minutes of group shots you’ll start to get fed up with it and feel like you’re missing out on the party which is the last thing I want for you.


Smile, breathe, it will all be ok : )

Mum want’s a photo with Great Auntie Flo even though you told her a hundred times before the day you didn’t want to spend hours having group photos, your 4 year old nephew isn’t looking at the camera, oh no he’s crying now! Why didn’t we listen to Paul!

I’ve seen it all before, it’s ok, it’s totally normal, I’ll sort it out. Smile and breathe.


Have 2 people you can rely on to help round up people for the photos. You have to remember that I more than likely won’t know who everybody is and if I have to step away to round people up then you can double the time this part of the day takes. This is a job for your super organised, super reliable (bossiest) friend. The friend you turn to when you need help, who isn’t afraid to tell people to get a move on. This is not a job to give to the usher because he’s not got much to do and would really rather be having a pint. This can be the difference between the group shots running smoothly and not.


Tell people before the day that they will be in a group photo and when we are planning to do them.  That’s something we will have sorted a few weeks in advance. Delays are usually caused because someone’s disappeared for a chat, or they’ve gone back to their room to change their shoes.

Natural unposed wedding photography of bride and groom inwoodland after their wedding at Squerryes in Kent

The couples who come to me are drawn to how natural my couples look in their wedding photography.

They are drawn to the emotion in my images and are looking for the same for their wedding but at the same time a lot of them carry that little insecurity in the back of their minds. What if we just can’t look relaxed? Is the photographer going to make us do something silly? Is he going to make us be something we’re not? They will very often be quite shy, feel a bit apprehensive, and you know what, it’s natural to feel this way, but let’s embrace it, you don’t need to fight it, it’s that very shyness that can create some of the most touching images.

UUnposed wedding photograph of bride and groom in woods near Lenham

I will find somewhere really cool/beautiful/well lit. I will have done this before the wedding day itself.


I will position you in said cool/beautiful/well lit location.


I’ll step away. I’ll guide you through it, nothing complicated, nothing awkward or uncomfortable, just little gestures that will look and feel natural.


And here’s the secret. This is more than likely the first time you’ve been alone the entire day, the first time you’ve been truly together since being married. You will want to talk to each other, you will laugh together, you will be together for the first time as a married couple. I know how powerful that moment feels. That’s what I will be capturing. Not a forced smile, not a forced kiss, the real, truthful in between moments.

Photographer’s Tip No.4

Photography is all about light, if it looks like we’re going to get an amazing sunset then grabbing 10 minutes outside after the meal and before the evening reception for a few extra shots can provide some incredible results.

Sunset wedding photography on Whitstable beach in Kent

It really is that simple and it’s this approach that has given all my couples the kind of genuine and natural wedding photography you see in my work.

I can go on about my approach but really the best way to get a sense of how it all works is from the people that really matter, the great couples I’ve worked with in the past, so check out these reviews for a sense of their experience.

Bride and Groom hugging after the Grooms wedding speech

That’s it, it’s time to just enjoy the day. The group shots are done, I’ve got a shot with you and Great Auntie Flo hugging, the portraits are done and you know what it was actually really nice to just be together for 30 minutes or so, it’s time to let your hair down.

The rest of the day I will be working away in the background and I promise you’ll be so used to me that you will hardly notice I’m there.

The speeches, the cake cutting, the first dance, whatever it is you can just experience it, you don’t need to think about your photography. I’ll capture it all for you, it will be waiting for you after the wedding.

Bride and Groom arm in arm after their wedding day
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