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Bride and Groom at The Great Barn in Rolvenden
Great Barn in Rolvenden Wedding / Yasmin and Ashley
I don't usually take wedding bookings more than about 18 months in advance, but there was something in the email I received from Yasmin and Ashley back in 2014 that told me I really needed to meet these guys. If I sense that the person emailing has something more than just trying to find a cheap photographer on their mind it always ...
Portrait of bride and groom at Chapel Down Winery
Ratsbury Barn Wedding / Andy and Chloe
"Take as many photo's as you like, the photos are important to Andy and Chloe, so they are important to us!" When I arrived at Ratsbury Barn to photograph the wedding of Andy and Chloe this was what the minister said to me, fantastic! So often when faith plays an important role in a wedding the photographer is banished to the back ...