“So hang on a minute! I have to be the centre of attention, and have my photograph taken all freaking day!!

Oh, and all my friends and family are going to want to see the photos after the wedding and I hate the way I look in photos so yeah, that’s just great!!”


But what if you could have wedding photos that you actually loved? What if you looked amazing and you had these beautiful, natural photos to share with everybody after the day? Ya know, like that one picture of yourself you secretly love, the one you didn’t even know was being taken at the time, where you look really natural, where you look like yourself, and let’s be honest, where you look awesome! That would be pretty nice right?

And not only that, you could really enjoy your wedding day because you would be able to let go of that anxiety, that nagging worry that you’ve always looked awkward in photographs and you always will. I know you’re telling yourself that can’t happen for you, but it can.

Because here’s the thing, wedding photography doesn’t have to be about awful, dated poses. It doesn’t have to mean spending hours lined up grinning for family photos when you should be having a laugh with your friends, because I bet photos of you having a laugh with your friends is what you really want! (and there’s surely nothing worse than missing out on all the canpés is there?) and it doesn’t have to mean having some photographer barking orders at you and your guests all day when you’re trying to have a good time! We’ve all been to those weddings and they suck!

This day, before anything else is a celebration, you need to hold on to that.

It’s about you, your favourite people in the world, coming together to celebrate something pretty amazing.


I am a Kent based wedding photographer working with creative and laid back couples across the UK and internationally, couples looking for a relaxed, fun, stress free wedding day.

If you’re the Bride/Groomzilla type, then I’m really not the photographer for you. If you’re not really all that bothered about your wedding photography and are looking for a cheapo photographer to just turn up then hey that’s cool, but yeah I’m probably not your guy. But if you’re the kind of couple who is searching for truthful, natural wedding photography, who are looking for something with meaning, something you can look back on, then you are my kind of people, let’s talk, I think we’d be great together!

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honestly, what you have created for us is incredible, we couldn’t be more happy. The passion for what you do certainly comes through in your work and we have nothing but gratitude to you for capturing our memories in such a real and natural way

Jodie + Darren

Your wedding day.

Spending the day feeling self conscious, awkward, uncomfortable. Ending up with stiff, unnatural, dated wedding photos that you just want to hide away in a drawer. Nope! That’s not going to happen for you! You can feel good, you can look natural, you can look like yourselves.


It should feel natural.

I won’t make you do anything that feels silly, I won’t boss you and your guests around or get in the way of you having fun. Natural, genuine, heartfelt photos of you with your loved ones, that’s all that matters.


With the people you love.

How many times in our lives do we get to have the people we love most in the world all together at the same time? In 20, 30 years time, when you pull out your wedding album to show the grandkids, these photos will mean everything.

“We received our photos yesterday and can’t begin to describe how much we love them.
As two shy people, we were nervous about having professional photos taken of us but you made the whole experience so easy. Before the wedding I thought that if we ended up with just one picture of the two of us where we didn’t look awkward, it would be worth the money. Thanks to you we now have hundreds of wonderful photos where we look happy, relaxed and most importantly, like ourselves.
We honestly can’t thank you enough for creating such beautiful memories of our wedding day. Thankyou.
Lizzie & Jonny”

Creative, Natural Wedding Photography