To be honest, it’s nearly always been the same…

The couples I’ve worked with over the years, they’ve pretty much all had the same doubts, all felt a bit nervous about the thought of it. 

So let’s get this right, I’ve got to be the centre of attention whilst having my photograph taken, all freaking day!!”

Sounds pretty daunting right?, like, maybe we should just give this whole wedding thing a miss yeah?!

But you know, when it’s done in a relaxed, laid back, documentary style that doesn’t get in the way of you experiencing the day, the truth is you won’t even need to think about it.

Wedding photography isn’t about awful cheesy poses, pouty lips or hands on hips, no, just no. It’s not about spending hours lined up grinning for family photos when you could be having a laugh and a drink with your friends, (and there’s surely nothing worse than missing out on all the canpés is there?) And it’s not about having someone barking orders at you and your guests all day when you’re trying to have a good time! We’ve all been to those weddings and they suck!

It’s small gestures, it’s real moments. It’s you, your favourite people in the world, coming together for something pretty damn amazing. That’s what I’ll be there to capture.

I am a Kent based wedding photographer shooting weddings across the UK and internationally. Featured in Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Rock My Wedding, The English Wedding Blog, Bride Magazine, You and Your Wedding Magazine and more.

Your wedding day.

Spending the day feeling super self conscious, awkward, uncomfortable. Not really seeing your guests as you spend hours posing for photos. Ending up with stiff, unnatural wedding photos that you just want to hide away in a drawer. Nope, nope, nope! That’s not going to happen for you. You can feel good, you can look natural, you can look like yourselves.


It should feel natural.

I won’t make you do anything that feels silly, I won’t boss you and your guests around or drag you away for hours on end of posed photos. Natural, genuine, heartfelt photos of you with your loved ones, those are the important moments.


The people we love.

The most important day of your life? There will be other days, days just as important, but how many times in our lives do we get to have the people we love most in the world all together in the same place? That’s something that deserves to be remembered.


“Hi Paul

We received our photos yesterday and can’t begin to describe how much we love them.
As two shy people, we were nervous about having professional photos taken of us but you made the whole experience so easy. Before the wedding I thought that if we ended up with just one picture of the two of us where we didn’t look awkward, it would be worth the money. Thanks to you we now have hundreds of wonderful photos where we look happy, relaxed and most importantly, like ourselves.
We honestly can’t thank you enough for creating such beautiful memories of our wedding day. Thankyou.
Lizzie & Jonny”

Creative, Natural Wedding Photography