Your wedding day.

You’re maybe a bit shy about having your photo taken and you know what, that’s totally fine, shy couples are my specialty. You want the day to be a celebration, to flow naturally and you’re looking for a wedding photographer who shares that vision. The truth is I won’t need to tell you to laugh, to smile, to hold hands, these things they will happen naturally, they are the moments that matter.


It should feel natural.

The thought of having our picture taken, it can feel daunting to us all. Standing in front of a camera takes courage. Couples choose me to capture their wedding day because they are looking for the most natural wedding images possible, everything I do is about making that a reality.


The time is now.

The most important day of your life? There will be other days, days just as important, but this one, your commitment to the person you love, it deserves to be remembered. As memories get that bit distant, wedding photography has the ability to bring them back in to view, the power to help you feel what you felt.


Every journey has a first step. All I need is a few details, a bit about your day, a bit about your hopes for your wedding photography and I’ll get back to you with all the information you’ll need.

“Thanks to you we now have hundreds of wonderful photos where we look happy, relaxed and most importantly, like ourselves”

Lizzie + Jonny

My Approach

I’m lucky enough to have been a Kent Wedding Photographer for the past 6 incredible years.

I want you to feel good, to look natural, to look like yourselves. This is totally the philosophy behind my approach. When this happens your wedding photography, well it will just happen naturally.

I won’t make you do anything that makes you feel silly, I won’t boss you and your guests around or try to be the centre of attention. My approach is very unobtrusive and laid back and the truth is you’ll really quickly stop even noticing that I’m there.


Regardless of the details, the venue, the budget, all of the couples I have worked with have shared the same simple vision for their wedding photography, the same hopes.

Wedding photography that feels natural to them, that truly captures the emotion of their day.

Take a look around, see how it makes you feel. No pressure, if it feels right to you, if my photography feels like it fits with your hopes for your wedding then I would really love to hear about your plans.

Paul captured our day perfectly and created photos that you only dream of!…we got to relive our day all over again! Such a professional but with a friendly, personal service!”

Tors + James

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